Sincerely, Light

A Lyrical Record of Foraged Observations

” . . . We stand within a living poem,
ever does it spell
what words could never wrap around
what light cannot but tell . . . ” 

Poems of hope for the heart.

A book of wonder for the soul.  

Every inch of creation is a love letter waiting to be discovered. The intricate designs imprinted into light, little twigs, and giant trees alike all contain the fingerprints of the divine. 

In Brittany DiSalvo’s stunning poetry debut, Sincerely, Light, DiSalvo brings together a brilliant collection of observations foraged from nature and life itself that celebrates the love that breathed us into being. 

Through DiSalvo’s spectacular attention to detail, these poems act as declarations of worship. DiSalvo’s poetry is like a magnet that pulls your heart deeper into wonder, with each piece offering a deeply wrought hope that the things now shrouded in darkness will be abundantly brightened by Light.





Sincerely, Light beckons us to consider the magnificent within small glimpses of the everyday. In reading Brittany’s collection of poems, I was reminded how wonderfully crafted poetry opens the heart to hear the voice of love speaking through all things. I highly recommend this collection to anyone seeking to discover beauty within overlooked moments.”


STEPHEN ROACH, HOST OF Makers and Mystics Podcast, AUTHOR OF Naming The Animals: An Invitation to Creativity




“In DiSalvo’s stunning poetry debut, Brittany boldly steps into her role as a poet of this world. DiSalvo uses her words like an experienced archaeologist uses a brush to dust off the seemingly mundane–uncovering beauty and divinity for readers where it is often overlooked. This collection is full of declarations of honesty and of worship. DiSalvo’s poetry is a magnet that pulls the heart deeper into hope and wonder.”


PRESTON HORNBECK, AUTHOR OF State Lines AND At the Woodline 




Poetry is an act of courage. Namely, the courage to risk trusting one’s own soul to say something that has the potential to expose themselves. Brittany DiSalvo does that really well with Sincerely, Light.

Brittany shares her heart freely and selflessly with the world… her poetry is truly courageous.”




Brittany DiSalvo has been teaching, writing, and sharing poetry for nearly two decades.

Since 2018, Brittany has facilitated writing groups within juvenile facilities, non-profit headquarters, and a vast array of living rooms. She is a Montessori educator who especially adores fanning the flame of wonder within children in her classroom.

Sincerely, Light is DiSalvo’s first published book of poetry.

Brittany is convinced that the best things she’ll ever write are letters to those she loves. She currently resides in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the soil that has exponentially grown her lifelong fascination with trees.

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Preorder “Sincerely, Light” Today!

Preorder “Sincerely, Light” Today!

"Sincerely, Light" by Brittany DiSalvo is available now for preorder! This beautiful collection of poems will be available everywhere May 9th, 2023. Order it online wherever you like to buy books. By preordering on Amazon today, you are choosing to support Brittany...